ERS Professional Development

What Is LearnERS?

LearnERS is a professional development system for ECE based on the Environment Rating Scales. Developed in partnership with ERS author, Debby Cryer, LearnERS promotes high-quality environments for young children.

Pathway 1: CQI Coaching Framework

Designed for state systems and technical assistance organizations, this pathway allows coaches to guide educators and site directors through a selection of LearnERS modules. Participants identify quality improvement goals, develop an individualized journal, and engage in interactive peer learning discussions.

Pathway 2: On-Demand

LearnERS: On-Demand courses are an affordable and convenient way to work independently and at your own pace. Tailor your learning experience by choosing the modules that best support your professional growth. Each course is built around key points of quality based on the Environment Rating Scales.

Completion of each learning module earns CEUs and CDA training hours