Modular Design

A choice of components is available to accommodate a complete QRIS.

Select the specific modules that meet your QRIS needs.

  • Administration Module
    • Aggregate Statewide, Regional, or Local Data
    • Single Site Data - drill down (see all history for one specific facility)
  • Quality Rating Module (Star Rating Calculation Process)
    • Rating Specialists able to work in the field with no internet connection required
  • Technical Assistance Module (Track Efforts, Time, Costs)
    • Quality Improvement Plan Module - create collaborative quality improvement plans while out in the field, no internet connection required
  • Events & Reminders Module
  • Facility Module
  • Classrooms/Teachers/Students Data Module
  • Classroom Assessment Module
  • Child Level Assessment Module
  • Provider Module (with customized role-based access)
  • Application Management
  • Database Integration (web services)
  • Filing Cabinet (electronic storage of pertinent QRIS documentation)
  • Reference Materials
QRIS Data System Support
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Modular Design