Welcome to the Branagh Information Group’s LodeStar Website.

LodeStar is a comprehensive software package for agencies conducting case management for pregnant and parenting teens and their siblings. The system adheres to standards developed by the State of California’s Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP) and Cal-Learn Program. LodeStar allows agencies to:

  • Gather client demographic and point-in-time information such as living arrangements, educational status, child health indicators, risk factors, service referrals and client contact tracking.
  • Facilitate agency caseload management and supervision of case managers through comprehensive management reports.
  • Create a complete and accurate statewide database of client information for analysis.
  • Produce required reports and notices, such as the Stat 45, Client Months of Service report, and required client informing notices of action (NOA’s).

Lodestar’s modular design allows local agency flexibility in choosing the level of client tracking to implement. For example, an agency may choose to track and categorize each contact with a client, or omit this function of the system completely. There is a basic set of information gathered on all clients at Intake, Pregnancy Outcome, and in six-month intervals thereafter. Lodestar can easily scale to be used as a stand-alone system on a single PC or a massive multi-user system on a network.

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