Branagh Group, in partnership with Debby Cryer, is pleased to offer this new CQI coaching framework to support early childhood educators and program leaders.

About LearnERS

  • Designed for states & local technical assistance agencies

  • Aligned with the Environmental Rating Scales
    • Online modules linked to ERS items
    • Individualized CQI journals
    • Peer learning team activities

  • Effectively moves the needle on continuous quality improvement

  • Reflects current research & data that supports best practices


  • Enhances coaching to support impactful teacher-child interaction & learning environments

  • Deepens understanding of the “whys” behind quality practice

  • Builds ERS knowledge & strengthens effective teaching practices

  • Empowers staff to lead their own continuous quality improvement efforts with coach as facilitator

  • Provides coaches with remote access to real time updates on each program & staff members’ self-study progress & CQI planning

  • Creates an easy to use, ongoing process for schools/centers to actively engage in quality improvement throughout the year

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Check out this 5 minute trailer introducting LearnERS:

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